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Male Exposure :: v1

male exposure: a male erotic photo community
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Welcome to male_exposure, a place to view and share erotic pictures of the male body. We're members only so please join to see the pictures.

Rules & Posting Info

1) No flaming. If you can't play nice, don't play at all. Show everyone the same respect that you'd like to recieve.

2) No hotlinking

3) Anyone can post, but there are some guidelines to follow (see below). All entries are moderated to make sure the rules are upheld.

4) This community is members only by default, meaning every entry is automatically locked. Please don't go back and force a public entry after it has been approved. Doing so will result in your post being deleted.

Posting Guidelines:

  A. Images must be posted behind an lj-cut. Teaser pics are fine, but should not exceed 400 pixels in height or 300 pixels in width. Teaser pics can not contain explicit nudity.
  B. Nudity is not only acceptable.. it's encouraged! However, all posts containing nudity need to include a warning.
  C. Sexually explicit images are welcome. This community is about hot guys and sex appeal, that includes porn. However, any post containing hardcore images MUST be labeled as explicit using the adult content filter.
  E. All pictures must be posted directly to this community, no fake cuts. Exceptions can be made with prior permission.
  F. You can share your graphics (icons, headers, etc). In the case of graphics, you can post directly to the community or link to another graphics community/journal. This is the exception to the above rule, but all linked posts must be public.

Any questions or ideas you may have are always welcome. If you think somebody's hot, share!

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